Useful Links
DirectXDownload your DirectX upgrades right from the DirectX Homepage.
DirectX BusterUninstall DirectX.
3DFX.comKeep your voodoo drivers up-to-date.
Wicked3DWickedGL - alternate drivers for OpenGL applications.
nvidiaMakers of TNT and GeForce cards.
Rage3DCatering to ATI Drivers
ZModelerA 3D program with easy conversions. Help here.
MeshworkA 3D triangle-mesh modeling program for MacOS. It is designed especially for making compact, efficient objects for use in 3D games or on the web.
ZModeler ForumZModeler Forum
UV MapperUVMapper is a texture map template creation utility.
BineditAn mtm 3d program.
Wheel SiteTruck o Rama truck wheels.
Demo (link)Try before you buy
Other evo files (link)Downloads on that you don't need.