On The Search For Max Air's Cabin

AuthorOn The Search For Max Air's Cabin by by Trip
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On The Search For Max Air's Cabin By Trip

First published as a serial with running commentary between issues, this is a collection of the original volumes re-printed, by popular demand, so it may be read easily from beginning to end. The commentary was as much a part of the story as the story itself and has been preserved too. You may view the added notes by clicking the 'post mortem discussion' link after each volume.

Ok this is just like a chapter from the book. I got bored, and plan on adding onto this every day and make a little story..err big story. Here it is, the first chapter. I hope you like it.

**Warning** Some material and language in this story may not be appropriate for the likes of some readers. If you are offended by foul language, blood, or gore, please do not read any further. The characters in this story are based on real people. However, their actions and speech are not accurate to real life and must not be taken seriously.

- Trip

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On The Search For Max Air's Cabin By Trip
Volume I - Trip's Journal
Febuary 3, 1974

Dear Journal.

And so our long and dreadful journey begins here. It was a quiet day, not much different from any other. I could still hear my noble crew putting gas in their trucks and starting up their engines on that sunny afternoon. The birds were chirping, and it almost seemed..too perfect. Ok, maybe I am getting ahead of myself here..let me first explain why myself, and my other six trustworthy companions were out here in these mountains from which I write. We were off to find a place, a place in which no one knew existed. This place was called Max's Cabin...was it there? Well, that is the question that we set out to answer. Was this journey gonna be tough? Yes. Was this journey gonna require my entire crew and I to push ourselves beyond our physical, and mental limit? Yes. But not one of us could have expected what lay before us. Not one of us could have expected the pain, hunger, and guilt we all went through.

Now before we begin this story, how about I introduce you to my crew? Okay then. First off we have KC, a very wise and intelligent man. Following him was Phineus, another intelligent man but for the most part..he ran the group. After him came Logical and CGZ Customs. Where their intelligence lacked, their handy work made up for. Kingdave was there too. Now, although technically I was supposed to be the leader, this guy knew everything! Even though I hate to admit it, Even I, took orders form him when given. He was always there when we needed him and I trusted him the most. Slim Shady was also there, however not one of us had heard much about him. Slim was a mysterious fellow, and didn't talk much. But when it came to fixing things or scouting out the trail, he was always there for us. Little did we know he would be the first to snap. But we will get into that later..Finally, we have me. I am the leader of this little expo. An average guy..I'm not the smartest man alive, but definitley not the dumbest. There you have it, my crew. For the next couple of weeks you will read on as we overcame obstacles, and stuck together even in the worst of times....

"Is everybody ready!?" I hear KC shout.

I look over to see everyone still packing up their trucks. I shout back, "No, give us a second! The day is young and we got plenty of time to kill." We were right out of the town in front of a mountain they call "Cat House." Very few have ever even walked up it, nor drove. And it pains me to say it, but everyone who has gone up there, has yet to come back. I looked up to see the top of the mountain peeking through the clouds. I knew We could make it if we tried. Little did I know what was hidden behind those clouds..You see, we weren't walking..we were all equipped with our own off road vehicles with extra food, clothing, and most importantly, fuel. Because if the time came in which none was left, we would all die upon that mountain.

"Okay let's get going!" I say. With a grin on everyone's faces, they agree and open their truck doors to get in. We planned to stop and camp out at nightfall, and night was already approaching. We all took off in formation. Now you see, up until this point, we had no problems..except for the few large bumps and rocks we ran over everything was pretty smooth, especially since the trail we were riding on wasn't carved by truck tires or any man for that matter, but rain.

As night fell, we decided to pull over at a spot surrounded by trees. As Logical and I unloaded the tents in which we planned to camp, the rest of the crew checked the trucks, and chatted amongst themselves. Mocking me, CGZ Customs says, "Shaun. are you sure this is Cat House because so far, it seems more like Devil's Elbow (A local hill in which small children ride their bikes up and down in town)."

I laughed, and said, "This is only a penny to the dollar so far. Give it another couple miles and we will see if you still have that stupid grin on your face." He rolled his eyes at me.

"C'mon guys this is supposed to be fun!" I hear Phineus say. "Let's make the best of what we have and have a good time." Me and CGZ, both agreed noddingly.

"Now I will start the fire if someone wants to set up my tent" Kingdave says.

Phineus agreed, and Kingdave walked over and made a small circle of rocks and told CGZ and Slim to go gather sticks for the fire. They trailed off behind some trees and, not before long, we all heard a scream and jumped up shocked. The scream came from CGZ. He walked out from behind the trees with a pale look on his face. He mumbled something about a ghost. Now at first we were all laughing at him and he was almost down in tears, but then when he finally settled down he described to us all what he saw.

"It was a man, dressed like a cowboy..but the thing was..he was floating! And transparent!" CGZ said.

I heard giggles come from a couple people as we all sat around the camp fire eating chicken. "Yep, that's who I thought it was.." I say. The crew stared at me confused. "You see, legend has it that a man named Bubba once took his truck upon this very hill. He was a cowboy lookin fella..After a couple days passed and he didn't return from the mountain, a search crew formed and came up here to look for him.. Neither Bubba, nor the entire search crew was ever found again."

"Bull feathers!" KC yells. "It's just another legend some kid probably made up!"

"I am not making anything up! I saw something in those woods!" CGZ Customs screams.

"Maybe you did, but it wasn't a ghost." KC says and he spits in the fire and stands up. "I'm going to sleep. Now you guys can sit out here crying like a bunch of little girls about ghosts or you can get to sleep. We got a big day ahead of us tomorrow and we don't need this!"

After a minute or so we all got up and went to our tents. That night I could have sworn I heard something outside my tent! Like human footsteps! But I just pretended like it was nothing and went back to sleep.

I was awoken by Logical and Slim Screaming their lungs out. I thought at first it was another argument or ghost..I laughed a little thinking about CGZ's girly scream. But nothing could prepare me for what I saw when I unzipped the zipper to my tent and looked out. I stared in horror and felt like I wanted to pass out.

To Be Continued In Volume II

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On The Search For Max Air's Cabin By Trip
Volume II - Shocked And Confused
February 4, 1974

I looked over at Slim, then Logical. Both of them looked white as a ghost as they stared off into space scared to death. Now at this point, I was in shock..I didn't know what to believe or think of what lay before me. It was Phineus's truck. Overturned and smashed everywhere you looked. Inside, lay the corpse of a severed body. Just then, everyone else was starting to get out of their tents. Phineus gazed at his truck and the body not knowing what to say. His gaze turned to anger as he got up and started screaming, "WHO DID THIS?! Which one of you sick *******s did this?!

"We don't know!" Slim Shady protested.

"Yeah! It was like this when we got out of the tent we don't know what happened!" Logical's eyes got watery as he kicked the ground and started screaming, "I never should have came up here! I knew something like this was gonna hap..."

Before Logical could finish his sentence KC walked over to him and punched him in the face. "We are all stuck up here with you! If you wanna turn back, do it now. But I don't really feel like hearing your ****!"

Almost immediately, a fight broke out. Logical got up and started swinging in the air. A gunshot broke up the fiasco. It was Kingdave, holding his hunting rifle high in the air. "Look at you two! We have a very serious situation here and instead of handling it like mature adults you start a fight?! What the hell is wrong with you two?!"

"What are we supposed to do with that!" Phineus yelled pointing to the overturned truck and corpse.

"I don't know!" Kingdave screamed. "Believe it or not, I don't know the answers to all the world's problems!"

"Now everybody calm the hell down!" I yelled! "There is nothing we can do..the road isn't too far back. Maybe if we send someone to go get help.."

"NO WAY! Slim Shady says. "Going down that road will be three times harder what it was coming up it! There is some pretty steep inclines and I'm not going."

I then said, "Ok fine, one of us needs to go, who is it gonna be?!" The entire crew looked at me as if I were crazy. "So I take it none of you want to go then huh?! Well that's just fine with me! Phineus, you ride with KC..we will deal with this on the way back".

"But my truck..." Phineus started on.

"Damnit who cares about your truck there is a dead body inside of it now. Isn't that more important?!" CGZ fires back.

"Ok guys, we need to get this out of our heads for right now. Right now our goal is to find that damn cabin and remember, we gotta stick together! If we are already fighting, how long do you think this trip is gonna last?" I started taking charge of the problem. "Everybody get packed up and ready. We need to get moving and fast. Every second we sit here we are burning away time." And with that, everyone started to pack up their trucks and get in.

After about thirty minutes of driving I looked in my rear view mirror and noticed every one's trucks starting to pull off to the side of the road. Confused, I turned the steering wheel and parked off in an open flat space by the side of the trail we were taking. I then continued to unbuckle my seatbelt and open my door when I catch KC in the glimpse of my eye jump out of his truck and start rolling on the ground.

"Snakes! They are all over! Somebody help me!" He screams frantically.

Everyone rushes over and examines him and his truck. "I'm bit! on my Leg! ahhhhh!" He screams in pain.

I jump out of my truck and closely examine KC's leg. "Move your hand KC! I can't see where you are bitten with your hand there! He moves his hand..but I see nothing.

He looks up at me, then starts to laugh. It takes me about a minute to finally catch on we have all been scammed. "Okay, don't get mad! I was just trying to break the tension..Make you guys laugh a bit.." KC exclaims.

"You son of a.." I start to say, but before I could finish I looked around at everyone with smiles on their face. Those smiles turned to giggles, then those giggles turned to roaring laughter. I just realized they all planned it out. I stared to laugh. "Okay guys let's get back on the trail we are losing time." I walked away shaking my head. "*******s." I whispered as I got back into my truck.

Nothing really exciting happened for the next couple of hours. Besides having to stop a couple times to check the trucks for flat tires and fuel. Being that you are constantly going up and down hills you can't really tell if you have a flat or not. By about 7:30PM we decided we would call it a day. Now calling it a day was a lot easier then making it one. We searched frantically for a open spot to pitch the tents and camp. All the ground was either mud or rock, and where there was good dirt to pitch tents there was a tree in the way! So that night, we decided to camp out in our trucks.

I know we were all scared to death that night after seeing what happened to Phineus's truck the morning before. It sent chills down my spine just thinking about it. I knew it did with the rest of the crew too. It wouldn't be so fun if that happened while you were sleeping in the truck. So we all parked really close together that way if something was happening we would be sure to wake up.

Night came and went. Surprisingly, I didn't wake up that morning to find dead bodies or torn apart trucks. But what I did find was rain, and a lot of it! I thanked god we didn't camp out that night because we would be sunk in the ground like our tires were. I got up and looked through my water covered windshield into the truck next to mine. It was CGZ's 72 Bronco. He was still sleeping. With a grin on my face, I honked my horn about 3 times. It woke everyone up. And I swear, I have never been more flipped off and cursed at in 5 minutes then that day.

We all had no problems starting up the trucks, driving them out of the deep mud was the harder part. Now usually this would not be so difficult. But we all parked so close together that if we did spin out while trying to drive out of the mud we would definitely ram into each others' trucks. Luckily, we didn't. Logical was the only one who had problems but he got himself out of the mud with his winch in no time at all. So here we are, back driving again in a rain filled path and wind blowing harder then you could imagine. I was driving along and peered through my window to see what looked like a small river in our way. Now it could have just been a little water, not even a foot deep...but on the other hand it could have also been a real river! That was the chance we were willing to take. Slim Shady pulled up beside my truck and motioned for me to roll down my window. I did so.

"You think we should try to cross it?! He yelled trying to be louder then the storm.

"I'm not sure!" I yelled back.

"I'm gonna go for it." Slim said proudly. He pulled off in front of me as I rolled my window back up. I held the brakes and motioned for the rest of my crew to do the same. We weren't going through that unless we knew it was safe. And Slim Shady was about to show us. He slowly pulled off into the water, everything was going fine. Then, just like a lighting bolt from the ground the 1967 ford bronco nose dived, then rolled into the deep waters. Even with an 8 inch lift and 35 inch tires, I couldn't see any part of the Ford. I knew if he didn't get out of there, he would die from drowning, or suffocation from the lack of oxygen from within the cab of his truck. I jumped out of my truck just in time to see Slim's body float to the top of the icy waters, Slim Shady wasn't moving.

To Be Continued In Volume III

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This Volume, I kinda just threw together with a whole bunch of ideas from everyone. I have been receiving a lot of positive feedback through my e-mail and icq so I think I will continue with the series. Here ya go..

On The Search For Max Air's Cabin By Trip
Volume III - The Rescue
February 5, 1974

After about a second I realized I needed to do something, and fast. And with that, a plunged into the icy waters grabbing Slim and pulling him to the mud filled land in front of which my truck was parked. "You guys! Get over here! Help! Please!" I screamed frantically. Within seconds the entire crew ran toward me.

Kingdave checked for a pulse "He is still alive!" he shouted. Kingdave then began to perform CPR, and after about 20 seconds or so, water poured out of Slim's mouth and he began to cough.

"I thought you were a gonner..for sure!" Logical joked.

"Wh.wh.wha.what happened?!" Slim managed to stammer out.

"Don't worry about it. Let's get out of this rain before we all catch pneumonia in this cold weather!" KC said.

"Good idea, Slim, you ride with me." I said loudly.

"But what about my truck?! We can't just leave it here!" Slim Shady began to scream.

"There is nothing we can do now. The rain is starting to come down real hard! Do you think we should continue on, or find some shelter and set up camp?" CGZ customs said.

"I think we should stop and park out in a drier place. Behind those trees over there." I pointed to a bunch of trees not far from us. "It may not be the driest in there but at least the leaves will somewhat cover us from the rain." I said.

"Good idea!" Phineus yelled. And with that, we all began to get in our trucks and drive towards the trees. After about 30 minutes, parked under the giant leaves, I began to explain to Slim what happened. Everyone got out of their trucks and gathered in CGZ's Bronco. That is where we kept the food. And at least in there, it was not a pickup, and we could all fit and stay dry.

We all stayed up and talked for the next few hours. I checked my watch. "It's almost 6:00pm and it looks like the rain is starting to let up. Maybe we can make a couple more miles before it gets too dark." I said.

"Well, it's not like it is raining that hard right now. I think we should start moving." Kingdave said.

"Does everyone else agree?" I asked. Everyone shook their head yes. "Ok then let's get into our trucks. Slim, you ride with me. Everybody follow me and try to keep up." I said.

Slim Shady and I got out of the bronco and into my truck. It was real quiet. I decided to turn on the radio. But all I heard was static. Although it did make sense for there just to be static at out location and altitude. As I started up my truck I began to think. We are already down two trucks and we are starting to lose fuel. Now if we were smart, we should have grabbed the fuel cans off the abandoned trucks but I did not think about that at the time.

By about 7:30pm, Slim and I were having a blast! Talking about old girlfriends, what we want to do in life, and what we have done. Suddenly, just like that, the rain stopped and the stars started to appear. But shortly after they appeared, they began to disappear by the heavy fog that was settling in. It was around 8:30 pm when I heard it. "Pop!" I looked at Slim shocked. I pulled my truck over near a smooth surface and got out. I signaled for the rest of my crew members in their trucks to hold on. It only took me a minute to realize I had a flat tire. "****!" I screamed. It was my rear left tire. I examined it closely. What I found was shocking. Dug far in the center of the inside of my tire was a knife. Now, not a little pocket knife; more like one of those you see in a butchers shop! I used all the strength I had in my body to pull the knife out. But I couldn't, so KC had to help me. "Check this out guys! I'm keeping this!" I yelled as I raised my hand holding the knife proudly high in the air. Just as I was about to get the tools needed for changing my tires I heard Logical say:

"Holy ****!" I looked over at Logical. He was sitting on his truck's driver's seat with his door open and his feet hanging out. I looked at his face. He was scared. "Come here you guys; you got to hear this!" He yelled loudly. We all ran over to his truck. Oddly, his radio was on. He was listening to the news.

"News Flash! A local man was found brutally murdered not far up Cat House mountain. The man was named X User. He was last seen hiking with his family when he disappeared from his family's view to use the restroom. The body was found in a 1972 Chevy Silverado. Owned by Phineus, a suspect in this murder."

Phineus looked at me as if i knew what was going on, but I didn't.

"Some locals report seeing six men driving up the mountain. They are reported to be armed and extremely dangerous. Please stay away from the mountain at this time. The police force will tend to this matter. That is all for now and thanks for listening!"

Logical shut off the radio and we all gazed at each other for a second. Phineus's eyes began to tear up. "Oh my god, My life is over." Phineus said softly.

"No, it's not. This is all just a misunderstanding and we will explain everything to the police!" KC yelled.

"This is ridiculous! They can't just blame it on us because we are on the mountain!" I screamed.

"Hey, genius, they did find Phineus's truck with a dead body in it. Now what do you suppose the cops are gonna think?!" Slim Shady said as he gave me a dirty look rolling his eyes.

"Look smart *** if you have something to say then say it. Don't sit down like a little girl and make faces!" I said as I stood up and got in his face.

"Don't get in my face, Shaun. You're only gonna get hurt." He said, laughing at me.

And with that I swung my fist as hard as I could and connected with his nose. He fell on the ground shocked at what had just happened. "Not such a bad *** now are you?!" I yelled at him as he lay on the ground wiping the blood dripping from his nose. He stood up, then charged at me. I thought he was going to stop! But he didn't. He football tackled me straight to the ground and hit me in the forehead, then lip. I could taste the blood in my mouth as I knew he busted open my lip. I flipped him over using my legs and began punching him in the jaw. He blocked most of my punches, but when I did connect with a couple of the last punches I threw, it just seemed to set him off more. I stood up brushing the dirt off my pants and the blood from my lip. He also stood up. Just as the fight was about to start again we heard a loud growl come from behind the trees.

We stood there scared to death. About a million things ran threw my head. Could it be another joke? A bear? I didn't know and I really didn't want to. We saw a shadowy figure move in the bushes. I looked back just to see everyone else looking at us through the glass of their trucks, not even making an effort to help. We saw eyes glaring at us through the bushes. Both Slim and I slowly backed up to the closest truck to us, KC's. "Ok on the count of three, we both run into KC's truck got it?" I whispered. Slim nodded his head. His eyes were wide open. "One..Two..." I began counting quietly. "THREE!" I yelled and we both took off towards KC's truck. I grabbed the door handle and tried to open it.. But it was locked! I looked over at Slim but he wasn't there! I looked in back of me real quick to see if maybe Slim had been there. He wasn't. But something was. A big, mountain lion. It's jaws open and teeth showing. It hissed at me. I jumped with my back to the truck, and looked straight into its eyes. I watched it get ready to jump at me. I blinked. Then, when I opened my eyes The mountain lion was in mid air, coming right for me, with its sharp tooth-filled jaws aimed at my face.

To Be Continued In Volume IV

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I just wrote this up, you guys might be shocked by this one. I have already started Volume V and I think it will be the best one yet so far! And yes Breezer you will be in it. Now this story may look a bit shorter then the others but you will notice this one is more together..know what I mean? I just wanted to get this one done so I could start working on Volume V

On The Search For Max Air's Cabin By Trip
Volume IV - The Fear Sets In
February 5, 1974

I screamed out loud in pain as the giant feline came down on top of me throwing me to the ground and slamming my back to the truck. As the lion's paws stand on my chest, I can do nothing but be still. Unfortunately, this did not work. The giant cat raised it's paw and threw it down ripping across my chest. I felt the cold, the cold of the air hitting my ripped open chest. I could do nothing but sit there. Sit there and die.

Meanwhile back in KC's truck..."Hey Phin, pass me a cold one, then I guess you should grab my rifle from the back too, unless you think this would be more fun to watch?....." Phineus grabbed the rifle as KC rolled down the window, allowing the barrel of the gun to pass through. "Duck down Trip!" KC yells as he crouches down. (click...Boom!) The loud gun shot echo's through the hills. The entire window shatters. "****! I guess I should have rolled the window down more." KC says. "Nice shoot'n though Phin" he says with a smirk as he brushes the shattered glass off his back. Phineus and KC look at each other. "Trip?" they both say at the same time.

"I'm okay, I think," I managed to say. I looked over at the once ferocious mountain lion laying on the ground in it's own puddle of blood. "My chest!" I yelled. "The ******* tore it open." I put my hand over my open wound and felt the blood moving through and down my fingers. I dropped on the ground and laid there for a second looking up at the stars. Feeling the cool breeze blow through my hair. It was such a nice day, and my chest..that didn't even hurt anymore.

"Are you okay!?" I heard Logical say as he helped me up.

"Yeah, fine." I said.

"Come over here, that way I can see how bad your chest is cut." I heard Kingdave say. I walked over to his truck and by the light coming from the cab of his truck, I looked down to see how bad it was. There were three gashes on my chest area running down to my stomach. The bleeding hadn't quite stopped yet but luckily the cuts weren't that deep. Kingdave reached into his truck and pulled out a first aid kit. With some bandages out of Kingdave's first aid kit, I was better is no time.

"KC and Phin, thanks for helping me out." I said as I walked past them getting ready to open my truck door. "Guys, this is getting pretty intense. So far, two of our truck's are wrecked, plus KC's window. I'm injured and there has already been one dead body!" I said right before I got into my truck.

"Oh not with the body again!" Phin said loudly.

"Well think about it, a guy named X user just wanders in your truck and try's to steal it? Ok but what about how it was completely wrecked and he was messed up pretty bad. It just does not make any sense.." I said. We all sat there thinking for a moment.

"Let's talk about it later; we got some ground to cover." Kingdave said.

"Your right Kingdave," I said. "C'mon Slim get in. Everyone follow me." As everyone got in their trucks and started their engines, I kind of felt like something was not quite right. I didn't think about it much..I just wanted to find the cabin. That's all that kept going through my mind. We all drove for a couple hours more. None of us were really tired, more like scared. A lot had happened in the short time we had been up here and if anything was going to happen, we wanted to be awake for it.

It was around sunset when I turned a corner around a small hill. I wasn't really thinking straight at the time. I kinda pushed down on the accelerator a little harder picking up speed. I noticed a sharp turn coming up and I immediately slammed on the brakes. "Holy ****!" I screamed!

"What! What's wrong?" Slim asked with fear in his eyes.

"I don't have any damn brakes!" I screamed as we got closer to the edge of the turn. I noticed that below the turn was a cliff. If I didn't take the turn right I would go off it. I knew me and Slim would be dead. "I'm sorry Slim. We won't make it going this fast." I said in a low voice.

"Don't be sorry!" He screamed. "You can do it! I know you can!"

I didn't say anything. I knew even if we did make the turn, chances are we would roll going as fast as we were. At this time, the rest of the crew knew something was wrong. I looked back and could only see Kingdave's truck. I saw him throw his hands up as to ask, 'what are you doing?' I stared straight ahead at the sharp turn only seconds away from us. I glanced at Slim real quick. He was holding onto my dash board and I noticed a tear fall down his cheek. The turn hit us like we could have never expected. I grabbed the steering wheel and with all my strength, I turned it as hard as I could. It wasn't hard enough. The truck began to lose control. At first it was on two wheels, then I remember seeing the truck fly off the edge of the cliff and nose-dive straight down into a tree, causing the truck to roll rapidly all the way down the cliff hitting and destroying whatever got in its way.

When the truck finally came to a halt, it was nearly ripped it two and had blood all over the windshield. The entire crew got out of their trucks and ran to the edge of the cliff and looked down. What they saw made them want to cry. My truck, ripped apart beyond belief, sitting there upside down after rolling all the way down the cliff. They could only watch as the truck caught on fire and exploded sending what parts that still remained on the truck flying everywhere. KC looked down and noticed a small red flower growing. He picked it up and dropped it off the edge of the cliff as if to say, good bye.

Continued In Volume V

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You will notice this Volume is labeled V-A because this is only the first half of Volume 5. V-b will be released tomorrow. It will be counted as the same volume. Just with two different parts. I thought I would give you the first half, then make you wait. This Volume V (Volume 5) is probably gonna be the second biggest Volume I will make for this story besides the very last one. Enjoy.

On The Search For Max Air's Cabin By Trip
Volume V-a - The Stranger
February 5, 1974

"I can't believe what just happened.." Kingdave said in a low voice.

"It happened so quickly. One second they were talking to us and the next they are dead!" Phineus said.

"We don't know that they are dead just yet! They could still be alive! Let's get down there, fast!" KC yelled.

"Give us a break KC! The truck exploded. Didn't you see? Even if we did go down there, we probably wouldn't even be able to find their bodies. Plus, all the extra fuel in the back probably didn't help either. And how do you suppose we get down there?" Logical said angrily.

"I don't know, but we have to try!" KC snapped back. The crew looked back at their trucks, then back at the edge of the cliff down at the flaming wreck. Looking for any trail to get down there. There was none. The only way down there was off the cliff. With their heads down, the crew walked back to their trucks.

"What are we supposed to do now?!" Kingdave said. "We are way too far up this mountain to get back down driving. Trip's truck had almost all the extra fuel. And all our trucks are really low on gas!"

"Not mine..I still have enough to get almost all the way down the mountain." KC said. "But she isn't running that great right now. I have been having some trouble starting it."

Logical then said, "We are all gonna die out here."

"Don't talk like that! Have a little faith in us." CGZ said.

"Maybe I can help?" The entire crew looked over. There was a man, leaning against a large tree. He looked kinda strange. Pale, with a cowboy hat.

"Who the hell are you?!" KC demanded.

"Never mind that now, I think I have some information that might be useful to you guys if you want it..." The cowboy said, examining everyone closely.

"What kinda information? How did you get up here? Can you help us? Do you know where we can use a phone?" Everyone was asking questions but the Cowboy acted as if he didn't hear them.

"I can tell you where Max Air's Cabin is. That is what you are up here looking for, right?"

"Yes!" The entire crew yelled excitedly.

"Follow me." The cowboy said walking into a small stream of water like it wasn't even there."

"Umm..Sir? We have trucks..if you would rather ride in them instead of walk?" Logical said to the cowboy.

"None of them run. Now please, follow me."

"What the hell are you talking about? They all run!" KC said stepping into his truck and trying to start it. It was dead. The engine wouldn't even begin to turn over. "What the.." KC began to say. The rest of the crew also got in their trucks attempting to start them. To their astonishment, none of the trucks worked!

"What the hell did you do to our trucks guy? You wanna get your *** kicked?" Logical screamed at the cowboy.

"I did nothing to your vehicles. Now, PLEASE, follow me." The cowboy said raising his voice.

"The hell with that! I am not gonna follow some freaky *** cowboy guy that won't even tell us where we are going or how he got here!" KC said.

"Me either" Phineus followed. The rest of the crew agreed.

"Suit yourself," the cowboy said as he walked off into the forest.

"How weird was that? CGZ Customs said out loud.

"Pretty Damn Weird!" Logical said.

"So our trucks don't work and we are trapped on the top of a mountain with two of our friends dead, and three of our trucks wrecked. What do we do?!" Phin said curiously.

"Well, I think we should grab all the food, camping gear, and everything else we need and start hiking back down the hill. Maybe with luck we will see someone else." KC said taking charge of the situation. The crew agreed and each grabbed as much as they could hold from the trucks.

After about only a hour or so of walking, The group decided to camp out in a spot they found with a lot of shade and some flat area. After setting up the tents and starting a camp fire, the crew began to talk while sitting around the fire and eating. "So what will we do in the morning?" Phin asked.

"I guess just keep hiking back down.." KC replied.

"That will take weeks! It took us hours and hours just to get here driving you actually think we could walk all the way back?!" Kingdave said.

"It's better then sitting here and not even trying." KC said looking at his feet.

"We are close to the cabin, I just know we are." Kingdave said.

"I have a question, what is supposed to be in this cabin?! What makes it so special?" Logical asked.

"Well you see, back in the early 1900's a man by the name of Malcolm Welser the third built this cabin for his kids, thinking that when the time came, a city would grow out here. Well, because of the wild life and elevation," KC explained, "The city never grew and the cabin was left out here undiscovered with all Malcolm's gold and riches inside. You see, Malcolm was a very wealthy man. People say that in that very cabin there are stacks upon stacks of gold bars, and we are gonna find it."

Kingdaves eyes lit up. "Gold bars?"

"Yes, millions, maybe billions worth." KC added.

"Wow," was all Kingdave could say.

"Let's get to sleep we have a huge day ahead of us tomorrow." KC said.

Everyone then went to sleep. I'm sure everyone had to have bad dreams that night. After all, it had been the worst week of their life.

*9:30AM In the morning* "Ok everyone, wake up. We got a lot of walking to do!" KC said as he got out of his tent putting on his shoes. First Kingdave came out, then CGZ customs, then Phineus. "C'mon Logical let's get going. We don't got all day!" There was no answer. "I'm not playing games Logical!" KC screamed as he walked over to the tent and unzipped it to look inside. "Ahhhhhhhh!!" KC let out a blood curdling scream.

The entire group ran over to KC. "What's Wrong!?" The crew asked. KC had a puzzled look on his face, so Phin looked in the tent. "Oh My God!" He screamed as he stepped back in shock.

"What is wrong with you guys?!" CGZ asked in a trembling voice.

"It's Logical, he's dead." KC stammered out.

"What? Is this some kinda sick joke you guys because if.." Before CGZ could finish his sentence KC opened a flab on the tent door so CGZ could look inside. There lay Logical. Curled up into a "C" Shape will a large knife jabbed in his side and dried blood coming from his mouth. "I can't take this any more! CGZ screamed as he fell on his knees and began to cry.

"Crying doesn't solve anything CGZ." The group looked around to see where the voice came from...

To Be Continued In Volume V-b

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Trip Posted 08-04-2001 04:45 AM

Ok here it is, V-B Don't expect this half-volume to be as long as just one volume alone because this is basically just half of Volume V. The only reason it was split into two parts is because everyone wanted it out soon so I decided just to give you guys half then half. Expect Volume VI later on tonight because I already started a couple paragraphs on it. Oh yeah and for those of you I said I was gonna add in this Volume, well I will have to add you in VI because I couldn't think of a way to tie you guys in this one. But I will the next volume, I promise. Here is Volume V-B The second half of volume V. Enjoy.

On The Search For Max Air's Cabin By Trip
Volume V-b - Voices
February 6, 1974

What was left of the crew, Phineus, CGZ, KC, and Kingdave looked everywhere to see where the voice came from. Unfortunately, they found no one. "What are we gonna do with Logical?!" CGZ yelled.

"We can't just leave him here, we will have to bury him." Kingdave said. And with that, the crew started digging with the one shovel they had that they got from the trucks. After the hole was dug out, KC and Kingdave picked up Logical's body and threw it in the shallow grave.

"Ok, time to start walking back down the mountain. When we do get down there, We will notify the police. KC said.

"But what about me?" Phineus said. "They think I..well WE are all murderers."

"We will just have to explain what happened to the police.." CGZ said trailing off looking at Logical's grave.

"You think they are gonna believe us?" Phineus asked.

"Sure they will! Why wouldn't they?" Kingdave said.

"Ok, lets stop talking and start walking; we got a while to go and not much time to do it in." KC said taking charge of the group.

"Not much time to do it in? It's not even nine in the morning yet!" CGZ snapped back.

"We need all the time we can get to get down this mountain." KC said. "Now follow me." The rest of the crew grabbed their things from where they camped and started walking down the rain washed trail from which they came up. After about two hours of walking, the group decided to take a break. They were all very exhausted, and almost out of fresh water.

"It has gotta be over 90 degrees out here!" CGZ yelled while wiping the sweat of his forehead.

"No Kidding! I'm surprised nobody has had a heat stroke yet!" Kingdave said jokingly.

"Ok break time is over let's get walking.." KC said.

"No, I want to rest for a couple more minutes.." CGZ said.

"Me too.." Phineus followed.

"Fine! But just a couple more." KC said back rolling his eyes.

"Who put you in charge KC? We will go when we want to!" CGZ yelled.

"I put myself in charge because I know if I didn't, nothing would get done! Look at you guys, sitting down crying about the heat when we are losing daylight out here! Now if you guys don't wanna go right now, fine. But I am." KC said.

"Then go!" CGZ yelled.

KC angrily grabbed his things and walked off out of sight.

"We will just catch up with him later." Phineus said.

After about twenty minutes or so, the group got up and started walking down the same path KC had just a couple minutes ago. "Ok whoever has to go to the bathroom do it now, that way we don't have to keep stopping." Kingdave said. The entire group agreed that they would just go now that way they wouldn't have to do it later. Everyone walked off in their own direction. After about another ten minutes everyone met in the same spot.

"Ok let's get going and find KC." Phineus said. The group walked on for a half hour or so before realizing something was not right. "Don't you think we would have caught up to KC by now? I don't think he would walk that far ahead even if he was mad.." Phineus said.

"Your right Phineus, maybe he is playing a joke on us?" CGZ said.

"I don't think so, something is not right." Phineus said back.

"The only reason you guys think something is not right is because you aren't hearing all the arguing and fighting like you would when KC was here, now it is peaceful." Kingdave said jokingly.

"You gotta point." Phineus said.

The group laughed a bit while still walking. The laughing came to a screeching halt and turned into horrendous screams when what was left of the crew looked up and noticed something hanging from a giant oak tree above their heads. It was KC. A rope was wrapped around his neck and tied to a branch above his body. There was a giant gash on his forehead as if marked by a knife and his arm was broken in half. You could see his bone ripped from the flesh in his elbow sticking out of his shirt. His legs dangled in the air lifelessly. The cold, blank stare in his eyes put the group in shock. They couldn't even move. There, about eight feet above their heads, was their friend hanging from a tree. "Wh..aa..uhh..haapp..." Was all Phineus could say as he fell to the ground and fainted. Then, just at that moment, the rope holding KC suddenly snapped and his lifeless body fell from the giant tree on the three men below him.

To Be Continued In Volume VI

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Trip Posted 08-04-2001 04:45 AM

This volume is pretty good, But while writing it I got a million ideas I'm gonna add in the next one. So here is Volume VI. I hope you enjoy it. I think you will all be surprised with what I have planned for Volume VII. *grins*

On The Search For Max Air's Cabin By Trip
Volume VI - Another Death
February 7, 1974

The body hit, and threw CGZ, Kingdave, and Phineus to the ground. "AHHHHHH!" The three men screamed in horror as the corpse laid upon them. "Get it off! Get it off!" CGZ screamed as KC's dead body lay on his stomach. Phineus picked up a large stick and pushed KC's corpse away from the group with it.

"Why is this happening!" Phineus demanded. "What did we do wrong?!"

"Not a damn thing." Kingdave replied.

What was left of the crew looked down on KC's body.

"Should we bury him?" Phineus asked quietly as a tear rolled down his cheek.

"No. We don't have time. I want to get down this mountain as fast as we can. I don't know who is doing this, but it is only a matter of time before it happens again." Kingdave said.

"So we are just gonna leave him here?" Phineus asked.

"Yes, there is nothing we can do." Kingdave replied.

"I bet if we had the trucks right now, we would already be down the damn hill!" CGZ yelled.

"Well it's too late to go back. Let's start walking. The road can't be too far down." Kingdave said.

The crew started walking down the trail, following what was left of their tread marks by the tires on their trucks. Phineus looked back at KC one last time, picked up his rifle, and walked to catch up with CGZ and Kingdave. (CLICK) Phineus loaded the rifle and walked forward not saying a thing. Everyone was quiet, looking down at their feet as they walked. A large deer was not far in the distance. Boom! A gun shot fired off as Kingdave and CGZ dropped to the ground for safety. They looked up and saw Phineus holding the rifle in his hands with an angry look on his face. "That is what I am going to do with that sick ******* when I see him." Phineus said with a grin.

CGZ Customs and Kingdave looked up enough to see a deer laying on the ground with a pool of blood surrounding it. "Nice shot Phineus!" CGZ yelled. "But you could have warned us first."

"Warned us? Hell, thanks to Phineus we have dinner tonight." Kingdave added.

"Well, what time is it?" CGZ said to Kingdave.

"6:22pm" Kingdave replied. "Let's walk a bit further and then we will stop to rest." Kingdave said.

"But what about the deer?" CGZ said.

"HA! none of us know how to skin, or even cook a deer for that matter. It could have diseases for all we know." Phineus said.

CGZ looked down at his stomach and heard it growling of starvation. "I'm getting real hungry." CGZ said.

"Me too." Kingdave added.

The three men continued to talk while walking for about two hours. Nothing really exciting or funny happened. Except CGZ did fall and cut his knee...

"It's 8:30 time to set up camp!" Kingdave said happily.

"Ok great..wait a minute, who has the tents and stuff?" Phineus said as he looked at CGZ, then Kingdave.

"Not me! I thought you said you had them!" Kingdave yelled at Phineus.

"Well I thought CGZ said he grabbed them!" Phineus yelled back.

"No way dude! I thought you had them!" pointing at Kingdave. "Great! Just Great!" We are out here in the dark without any tents or our gear!" What the hell are we supposed to do!" Kingdave yelled furiously.

Phineus stumbled a bit struggling to stand up. "Guys I am so tired. I feel like I am going to pass out." Phineus said in a low tone.

"Now you see, I told you guys already once that whining doesn't solve anything! Don't you guys listen?!"

The crew jumped as they heard the voice. They looked around to see where the voice came from.

"Trip!" Phineus yelled as he seen Trip leaning against the tree.

"That's right, it's me. And now I'm going to show you guys a little trick I learned back at the cliff. You guys just left me there..didn't even try to help! Now you will pay, all of you will pay!." Trip took out a long knife from his pocket and ran up to Phineus digging the sharp blade into his stomach. Phineus fell to the floor and blood began to poor from his mouth. Trip ripped the blade from Phin's stomach and raised it high in the air. Phineus looked over at CGZ and Kingdave, they were laughing! With a loud crack Trip brought the knife down on Phin's skull.

"AHHHH!" Phineus screamed as he woke up face first on the ground.

"What's wrong Phin?" CGZ asked as he stood above him.

Phineus got up quickly examining his stomach for puncture wounds. "What happened?!" Phineus said.

"You were just standing there listening to us yell at each other about forgetting the gear then you fell over. We thought you fainted but then when we realized you fell asleep, we didn't want to wake you up. As I walked away from you to go sit on that rock." Kingdave pointed to a large builder. "You started screaming. What the hell happened? A bug bite you?" Kingdave said curiously closely examining Phineus.

"No, I just had a bad dream that's all." Phineus said as he laid back down onto the ground. "Hey guys, the ground isn't that bad to lay on try it." Phineus said.

Kingdave looked down at his feet buried in the deep mud. "Nahh..I'll pass on the ground..I think I will sleep on this boulder over here." Kingdave said once again pointing to the large rock. The boulder was about 5 feet tall and had a flat smooth top surface. The entire area on which they camped was covered by mud and pitch black. The three men didn't even know if they were going back down the way they came up.

"Can you fit another one up there too?" CGZ asked.

"Sure climb up." Kingdave said as he helped CGZ get on the boulder. Everyone went to sleep.


The morning was beautiful. The first since the trip when nothing had gone wrong. Kingdave and CGZ woke up at about the same time. "Wow, what a beautiful sunrise." Kingdave said pointing into the sky. "Sleep well?" Kingdave asked CGZ.

"Better then I thought I would." CGZ answered laughing.

As they got off the boulder they noticed Phineus was not where he was sleeping.

"Oh man not again!" CGZ said.

"Phineus?! You out there?" Kingdave called out.

"Yeah, I'm up here!" Phineus yelled back. CGZ and Kingdave looked up to see Phineus standing on a large rock hill. "The view is beautiful up here! Hey you guys, come up!" Phineus yelled back at the two men. They both agreed and began to climb the rock hill. At the top, not even words can describe the pure beauty which they saw from on top of that very hill. Trees everywhere. Where there wasn't trees, there was beautiful rivers followed by breath taking waterfalls. And where there wasn't rivers or waterfalls there were amazing tropical looking plants and trees. And to top that all off, the morning sun made it picture perfect. The three men stood there gazing at the spectacular site for about ten minutes straight. Not even speaking a word.

"It kind of shows you what we take for granted every day in our lives." Kingdave said.

"I know what you mean, Kingdave. I have been up here since four this morning watching the sunrise." Phineus replied.

"Uhhh..guys...what is that down there by the river?" CGZ asked the other two men.

"What is what?" Kingdave asked.

"That!" CGZ pointed to a house-looking shape far away in between a river and some trees at the top of a small steep hill. There only seemed to be one path leading to it. That one path was like a very long, steep and curvy hill.

Kingdave looked closer. The three men froze with excitement. Kingdave yelled, "That's it! Oh my god! We are millionaires! That is it! That is it! God damnit we are filthy rich! That is Max Air's Cabin!" Phineus and CGZ gave Kingdave a certain look as if to say, 'Let's go get that damn gold.' And without even saying a thing, the group ran off towards the house-figure. Little did they know what await them.

Continued In Volume VII

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Trip Posted 08-04-2001 04:46 AM

10:55pm and not a moment too soon. Alright Bubba?! lol Ok, once again sorry for the long delay. I was kind of lazy and didn't feel like writing. Until now anyway.

This is volume seven (7) I plan on making this story about eight (8) or nine (9) volumes long. Maybe even ten (10) So please be patient. I am kind of hurrying through this one. I mean the first copy I did, I lost. So I am kind of just remembering what I can off that one, and putting it on this one. Plus adding new stuff as I go along. So..Uhh..Enjoy!

On The Search For Max Air's Cabin By Trip
Volume VII - Unexplored Territory
February 8, 1974

As the three men made their way through the thick shrubs and trees towards the cabin, Phineus started to cough frantically.

"What's wrong Phin?" CGZ asked.

"Can't take any of this mountain air wimp?" Kingdave said sarcastically as he took in a big mouth full of air and laughed hysterically at Phineus who was still coughing.

"Uhh..Kingdave I think he needs help." CGZ said looking at Phineus, then Kingdave baffled. Phineus was holding his throat now, as if he was about to throw up. He gagged then fell to the ground. "What the hell, is this a joke Phineus!? Because if it is, this **** isn't funny!" CGZ yelled.

Kingdave ran over to Phin's motionless body. "Holy ****! There is no pulse! There is no damn pulse!" Kingdave screamed as he held Phin's wrist.

"****!" CGZ screamed out as he kicked a near by tree. With tears running down his cheek he spoke, "This is some screwed up ****! One second he is fine and the next..well look at him!" CGZ screamed as he pointed down to Phineus' body.

Kingdave looked down into Phin's eyes. A cold, blank, stare looked back at him. "Let's go." Kingdave said under his breath.

"What do you mean!?" CGZ yelled back.

"Look CGZ, what the hell are we supposed to do? For all we know this cabin might have a phone! Ever think of that?" Kingdave said.

"And if it does have a phone we are calling the police immediately!" CGZ said.

"I know." Kingdave said back as he got to his feet and started to walk on toward the cabin. "You coming?" Kingdave said and he turned back to CGZ.

"What other choice do I have?" CGZ said back in a low tone.

With that, both men walked along the river bank for what seemed like hours in complete silence. What could they say? What could they do? They took the time they had and reflected on what all had happened over the past few days. The worst days of their lives. Nobody on the crew knew what to expect. It was gonna be a fun expedition between a couple guys in the mountains. Unexpected and mysterious deaths were popping up left and right, and the worst part about it was there was nothing they could do. Their trucks were gone, so was their gear. A few mistakes by the crew could of cost them their lives. for some, it did. The two men decided to take a short break after the arduous walk on large rock piles up along the river. As CGZ sat by the river bank and looked at his reflection in the water, he thought back of his family, and his truck. He watched some small fish go by in the water. His stomach moaned with hunger. CGZ ripped off his shirt and dived into the deep, icy cold river towards the fish. He wasn't really thinking. I mean, it's not like you could catch a fish with your bare hands..well not the average guy anyway. But then again, when you are as hungry as he was, you don't think.

"What the hell are you doing CGZ!" Kingdave yelled out from across the river looking at CGZ.

"I'm gonna catch us some fish! Don't worry, you will thank me later." CGZ said as he struggled to keep his head above water with the strong current and sore muscles from walking.

"You better come back on shore, the waves are getting kinda big..." Kingdave said.

"Good idea." CGZ replied.

As he struggled to get himself on a near-by rock, he looked up past some trees and froze. Without saying a thing he pointed out what he saw to Kingdave. Kingdave was puzzled at first until he saw what CGZ was looking at: It was the Cabin. Sitting there as if to say, 'Come Get Me.' CGZ jumped out of the water and threw back on his shirt. Both men took off towards the cabin jumping on the rocks and through the mud.

When they finally reached it, they were surprised with what it looked like. The walls were made of a decayed wood. It was, for the most part, still in great condition. A old gas can was leaning up against the side of the house with a stack of old, now ruined fire wood. Next to the fire wood lay a small fire pit with a wooden bench next to it. The bench was snapped in half. It must have happened by the storms and weather. Most of the windows were either boarded up, or broken out. The door handle was ripped off laying in front of the door. Large trees covered most of the land. Tree stumps too. Which made CGZ and Kingdave wonder if people had been up there in a while. After looking around the small cabin a bit, Kingdave ran in through the door. CGZ followed.

The first room was what looked to be a living room. Pretty basic. The old wood floors creaked under their feet as they walked around the cabin room to room. They came across a door next to a bedroom that was ripped off the hinges and laying on the ground. Inside this door was a small room filled with cobwebs, and paint cans scattered throughout the room. Kingdave turned back to CGZ. "Gold me *** ! Unless these cans are made out of gold we got ripped off!" Kingdave said as he picked up one of the cans and threw it out what was left of a window.

"I can't believe this man! We got so far, for nothing! CGZ Customs yelled. CGZ put his left hand on his forehead and with his right arm he learned up against a near-by wall. A loud crack was heard and the wall gave way. CGZ fell through screaming his lungs out as it happened.

"Oh my god a secret room!" Kingdave gazed at what CGZ had just found.

"Secret?" The door is right there!" CGZ yelled pointing over to a door as he got up brushing the dust and wood chips off his shirt and pants. The room was completely black. The only thing that could be seen was the door, and the wall they had just fallen through. And that was just because of the light creaking out from under the doors. Kingdave felt around and came upon a boarded up window. He ripped off all the boards with all his strength. He turned around to see what he had been waiting for the entire time. Gold. Stacks upon stacks of gold bars. CGZ didn't even notice yet. He was too busy picking out the splinters from his arm. Kingdave stared in shock thinking the whole trip..it was all worth it. CGZ turned around and almost fell back onto the fallen wall when he saw the Millions of dollars worth of gold bars. "Oh..m..y.." Was all CGZ could stammer out as his eyes gazed off from one gold bar stack to the next.

"Well, bud, it was nice knowing you. And I'm real sorry it had to end like this.." Kingdave said as he reached behind him and pulled out a knife, the same knife that was stuck in Logical the couple nights before.

"What do you mean?" CGZ said with a worried look on his face. "It was you..you killed Logical and the others didn't you?" CGZ said as he started to walk backwards slowly.

Kingdave grinned. "Well bud, you see..Trip's brakes would have went out sooner or later. I just speeded up the process! And Logical..well he was asking for it. I mean, the little punk had no respect." Kingdave said sarcastically walking towards CGZ with the knife held high.

"What about Phineus! Why him?!" CGZ demanded.

"Why him? Well for the same reason you are about to die. The money is mine. I deserve it. Plus, I didn't mean to ****er punch Phineus in the throat when your back was turned, honest!" Kingdave said laughing out loud. "The old man went down pretty easy! One punch to the wind pipe did it for him. I wonder how long it will take you to die?" Kingdave said as he shoved CGZ up against the wall holding the knife to his throat.

Continued In Volume VIII

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Trip Posted 08-04-2001 04:47 AM

Man Phineus I just got done reading your story and I must say, it's by far the best yet. Like I said, I am not writer..I struggled in all my english classes back in school and this was the first time I have written a story in ages. Phineus you did an excellent job. You are a much better writer then me (I will write the next volumes more like this one and take more time on them. It is a lot more funner to read them then it is to write them, lol. So without any further interruptions, I present to you, Volume VII Reprieve...

On The Search For Max Air's Cabin
Volume VIII - Reprieve
February 9, 1974

Kingdave felt CGZ squirm a bit so he just pressed harder against the wall. He was about to laugh at CGZ's futile gesture but was interupted by two short yet very distinct clicking sounds. The first was the sound of the chamber rolling over one notch in a revolver; the second was the hammer being drawn back as CGZ pressed the barrel upward into the bottom of Kingdave's jaw. CGZ felt the pressure of the blade still on his neck. The tension between the two men was so intense that neither man dared breathe. Finally, so as not to cause alarm, in only a faint whisper, "You'll never cut me deep enough to stop me blowing your brains all over the ceiling" CGZ cautioned Kingdave what lay ahead if he didn't back off and soon. Kingdave realized he hadn't come all this way only to fail now. Hesitantly, reluctantly, grudgingly, he released his hold then he backed away from CGZ a few paces, both men's eyes locked on the others. They both took a moment to catch their breath but it was obvious that CGZ had the upper hand now.

"So what are you going to do?" Kingdave finally broke the silence.

"I don't know yet," came CGZ's reply. "But I do know one thing and that's you're going to drop the knife and step back."

"But what would stop you from just blowing me away and keeping the gold for yourself," Kingdave asked.

"If I'd wanted to kill you, you'd already be dead" CGZ spoke flatly. "Now, c'mon, outside." CGZ picked up the knife and walked out the door behind Kingdave. CGZ motioned Kingdave to one side and then took a few steps over to a well that was out in front of the cabin and dropped the knife down and out of reach. He turned to Kingdave and ordered him to sit down. He tied Kingdave's arms behind his back and then tied that to a post on the front of the Cabin. At long last, CGZ could relax a minute and think about what he would do next.

"You know, when we get back, it'll just be my word against yours, you know," Kingdave began to work, "There's no proof who did what up here. The police are already looking for a murderer and they're not likely to believe that five deaths and six truck wrecks were all accidents. But I don't know that that much matters since we're both as likely to go down for it as either one of us. But you never know. All I'd have to say is that you planned it all and say you told me how you'd pulled it off. They would confirm everything when they found the trucks. But it doesn't have to be that way. We could still get out of this together. Maybe I was a bit hasty back there with the knife. There's plenty enough gold for the both of us. Nobody has to walk away empty handed."

"I ought to kill you right here and now," was all CGZ could answer.

"Oh, I wouldn't do that if I were you," Kingdave continued. "Don't forget, we're still a long way from anything that could be called civilization and it's not like either of us would make it back alone. Especially not with mountain lions roaming around at night, and strange voices coming from out of nowhere, and cowboy ghosts prowling about. Could be pretty dangerous for one man alone."

"You'd have cut my throat fast enough, though, wouldn't you?"

"Like I said, maybe I was a bit hasty. I hadn't thought things through well enough. What would I have done with all the gold? I can't carry it alone and it's no good up here. It only has value down back at home. But you see, I didn't figure there would have been so much of it. Might even have been enough for all of us, after all." Kingdave kept trying to wear down CGZ.

"Yea! and now they're all dead, and for what? for nothing!" CGZ sneered back at him.

"Gold fever." Kingdave answered. "It does funny things to a guy's head. Maybe it took that gun up my gullet for me to realize what I did was wrong. But I can't change what's done. It's regretable, but water under the bridge all the same. Besides, you need me as much as I need you. We won't be able to get out of here without each other's help."

"Well, all I know is I'm starving." CGZ said. I'm going down to the river and try to catch some of those fish."

And no sooner had he said it, then he was off. Kingdave stayed at the cabin still tied off to the post. CGZ was gone for over an hour. It wasn't easy trying to catch fish without bait and hooks, but he managed to get close enough when he was swimming that he could flip them out onto the river bank. When he had a few, he gathered up his things and headed back up to the cabin. On his return, Kingdave was right where he left him. So CGZ built a camp fire to cook the fish. There was an old cast iron frying pan in the cabin he used to cook the fish, which he had some hard time filleting without the knife that was now down the well. But he managed not too badly with a few things around the cabin and before long had the meal prepared. First he ate, and was quite pleased with what he had prepared. When he'd had enough, it was time to think about Kingdave. CGZ knew that he'd never get off the mountain on his own and that what Kingdave was saying was mostly true. That being the case, he'd have to feed Kingdave too. But he wasn't prepared to untie his arms yet. So, like feeding a baby or animal, CGZ fed Kingdave, tho probably without the same care you'd give to a helpless creature. When they were done, Kingdave continued the conversation:

"Well, have you given any thought to what we were talking about?"

"Yes I have," CGZ told him. "Here's how it's going to work. We're going to spend the night here. Makes no sense to set out this late in the day. In the morning, we'll have breakfast, then pack up whatever gold we can carry and head out. And that's it."

"What will you do when we get back?"

"I don't know yet. I'll have plenty of time to think about that." CGZ answered. "For now, I think you're right. We need each other if we expect to get off this mountain alive. So, there's some safety in that. But man, when I think of all our friends dead now, I don't know what to think. Slim, Trip, Logical, KC, Phineus. Man, Why! And what about that stranger in Phin's truck. What'd you have to go and kill him for anyway?"

"I didn't kill that guy," Kingdave sounded sincere. "I don't know who that guy was and I was just as surprised as the rest of you when we saw him in the wrecked truck. That was just dumb luck for the guy." CGZ looked skeptical. "Well, if you don't believe me, think about this," Kingdave went on, "Who was that ghost cowbody dude? I couldn't make that up and you saw it yourself. In fact, you saw it twice. And who do you think did CPR on Slim? And Trip almost bought it from that Mountain Lion. That wasn't me either. I bandaged him up. I'm not in the habit of carrying wild cats around in my backpack. I confess that I've acted horribly, but I'm not responsbile for everything. And we all heard the voice too. It said, 'Cryin' don't help', but it wasn't my voice. And you know that too."

"Well, if it's all the same to you," CGZ said, "I'll keep my trust to myself. But for now, it's probably a good time to get some rest. We've got a big day tomorrow." CGZ got up to go inside the cabin where he planned to sleep on an old couch in the living room area.

Kingdave called out to him: "Hey, how am I supposed to sleep tied up out here? I could get eaten by another mountain lion or something."

CGZ laid his head down on the arm of the sofa. "You should have thought of that when you were killing our friends. Now get your rest; you'll need plenty of energy for the day ahead." Then darkness began to fill in around the cabin. CGZ was dog beat tired but couldn't bring himself to sleep. In the back of his mind was the possibility that Kingdave would break free of his ropes and finish what he tried to do earlier in the day. But even more unsettling was he wondered how he'd managed to get himself into this fix in the first place. These thoughts rolled round and round his head as he lay on the sofa. And even if he closed his eyes, visions of the cowboy ghost flitted before him. Then alternately, Kingdave's voice echo'd in his mind: first "I wonder how long it will take you to die?" and then, "You need me as much as I need you." CGZ couldn't sleep and yet he was in the middle of his worst nightmare. And finally, as he started to drift off, he'd hear Kingdave shift his weight on the porch as he tried to get comfortable. CGZ would start, then go through it all over again. And what terrified CGZ even more still was the knowledge that this would probably get worse before it got better. They had come a long way, but there was no end in sight.

Continued In Volume IX

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Trip Posted 08-04-2001 04:48 AM

Well this is a shorter chapter and I plan on having 2 or 3 really big ones more to end the story. This chapter was just kinda stating that this story is still alive..lol I have some really good ideas for the next one and A LOT of it will come together in Volume X, you'll see. And I bet you will all like the last chapter the best because I have a real good ending planned out for it, and a pretty good surprise that you all will like that doesn't involve the story. So here it is, Volume IX...

On The Search For Max Air's Cabin By Trip
Volume IX - Greed
February 10, 1974

For what was once such a warm day, soon became a cold night. It was about two in the morning when the wind started to pick up. The breeze blew through Kingdave's hair. The clouds overhead soon became dark, and the old cabin began to creak. CGZ lay on the sofa, looking straight up at the ceiling. Well, what was left of the ceiling. Holes and missing boards off the top of the cabin covered the roof. CGZ Customs could see the clouds swelling overhead, and he could see the large pine trees that overhung the cabin. His eyes wide open, and with the only thing keeping him warm, a dirty, torn rug that he found in the room near him. Within about an hour, CGZ was fast asleep. The cold and worries were no match for the hard day that he went through the night before.

He woke up at around ten in the morning. As he got up and stretched from the sofa, he looked out what was left of a window to see if Kingdave was still sleeping. He couldn't get a good view, so he decided to go outside and see if Kingdave was still tied up. At about this time, CGZ was getting worried. He knew that Kingdave had seen where the revolver was, and he didn't know what would happen if Kingdave was to get a hold of it.. He opened the front door of the cabin and looked out to where Kingdave was tied up. The ropes which held him lay on the ground, and the chair empty. A jolt of fear ripped through CGZ's spine as he ran to the sofa and looked where he put the gun. It was still there, untouched. Puzzled, he walked back out the door and looked around. To his surprise, Kingdave was walking towards the cabin from back up on the river. In his hand was a large pointed stick, it looked as if it had just been pulled off a small tree or maybe it was a piece of drift wood. At the end of the stick was a fish, speared through the middle of it. Kingdave had a big grin on his face as he walked up to CGZ.

"Breakfast is served! I caught it, you gut it and cook it, deal?" Kingdave said with a wink in his eye.

"How did you get out?" CGZ said eyeballing Kingdave, then the fish. Ideas and thoughts raced through his mind at that very moment. 'Was this fish poisoned? Was this all some kind of trap? Or was KD just being nice?'

"The roped weren't that tight." Kingdave said. "Besides, I caught food for us didn't I? Kingdave held up the fish to CGZ's face.

CGZ took the fish out of Kingdave's hand and said, (Hesitating first) "I'll start the fire." CGZ did in fact start the fire, and he did make the breakfast. However he made sure Kingdave ate just as much as him just in case it was poisoned.

The two men talked as they sat around the fire. "What are we gonna do now?" Kingdave said taking a stick and throwing it into the fire.

"Well, I'm not really sure. Look at the bright side though, it's not hot out today." CGZ was right, it was about 75' degrees.

"Well what we need to do now is plan how we are gonna get all that gold outta there and how are we gonna split it? 50.50 I assume." Kingdave said asking CGZ questionably.

"Well..no not exactly."

Kingdave looked at CGZ with a puzzled look. "What do you mean?" he asked.

"Bye Kingdave, oh..and thanks for the breakfast." CGZ laughed as he held the revolver to Kingdave's head.

"No, Please don't! How will you get all the gold and..." BAM! The gun went off before Kingdave could finish his sentence. Kingdave flew back to the ground as the bullet went through his head. The blood splattered upon CGZ. "Who says I need all the gold?" CGZ said dropping the gun and walking back in the cabin.

As CGZ started to place all the gold bars on the rug he used as a blanket the night before, he heard some noises, as if someone was coming in the cabin. He jumped up and looked out the doorway. Nobody was there. Turning around, his heart skipped a beat and he fell back in astonishment as Phineus and Trip stood in front of the gold stack. Their clothes were dirty and torn. Trip was bleeding in numerous places, Phineus had a large red mark on his neck. CGZ couldn't speak. "Going somewhere?" Trip said holding up the revolver in one hand. Phin started to speak, but could only make out a crackle as he held his throat in pain. Trip walked towards CGZ with the revolver pointed at him. "So you thought you could just kill us all and take the gold for yourself did ya? You sick son of a *****..." Trip said angrily.

"No! it wasn't me! It was Kingdave! Tell him Phin!" CGZ stammered out as he looked over at Phin. Phineus wasn't there..CGZ looked around. Phineus wasn't anywhere.

"Oh Kingdave did it all! That makes sense! That must be why he is outside with his head blown off!" Trip said sarcastically as he dug the barrel of the gun into CGZ's ribs. You cut my brakes, you killed Slim and the others, and now..I'm gonna kill you." Trip said looking into his eyes.

CGZ started to yell 'no' but he knew the only way out of this would be to run. Without thinking, he turned around and took about a step before he realized Phineus stood in his way. In Phin's hand was a wooden bat. Clunk! Phin swung the bat straight into CGZ's head. CGZ hit the floor, the blood oozed out of the torn flesh onto the floor around his forehead. He looked up from the ground, everything was blurry..and His head..oh his head ached as if it were the worst pain he ever felt. He could see Phin and Trip standing on both sides of him. He then saw Trip lower the revolver in his hand at CGZ's head. His last view was of Trip pulling the trigger, right before Phin hit him one last time with the bat.

Continued In Volume X

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Trip Posted 08-04-2001 04:49 AM

Well here is the second to the very last chapter of The Search For Max Air's Cabin. This, along with the last chapter might clear up a few things you were confused about. The very last chapter will be LONG. The ending I had planned out sounds real good but like I said I am just making this up as I go along..PLEASE, PLEASE give me suggestions in my icq or e-mail. When this is done I will post the whole story and give it it's own page on 4x4 Design. Hell, If I get enough good suggestions I will make one more chapter before the final version. I wrote this chapter at about 8:22 at night..well that's what time it is now. It is now 9:51 Also if you notice any mistakes or things you are unclear about, icq or e-mail me about them that way I can clear it up in the last chapter. So without any further interruptions, Here is The Search for Max Air's Cabin Volume X

On The Search For Max Air's Cabin By Trip
Volume X
February 11, 1974

Trip looked down at his once good friend, now deceased enemy, CGZ Customs. "That's for Slim and KC *****." Trip said as he kicked the corpse.

Phineus then asked curiously, "Trip, how did you survive that explosion? It was huge!"

Trip could see the pain Phin was feeling as he spoke. His throat was killing him, literally. Trip walked outside on the porch, Phin followed. As Trip dropped the revolver to the ground, he then spoke. "Well, here is what happened..Slim and I were driving along the trail and you know that sharp turn that was coming up?" Phin nodded. "Well I was going a little too fast.."

"I know you were way ahead of us!" Phineus said.

"I know. That was my mistake. Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah..I was driving along the trail and I tried to slow down, but my breaks were out. At first Slim thought I was kidding, that was, of course, until he saw me struggling with the truck to stay on the road. Well, the sharp turn was coming up and all it took was a look between Slim and I to say we had to do something. I grabbed onto the wheel and took the turn...but we must have hit a rock or something because we rolled over...I don't really remember much; it happened kinda fast.." Trip continued on staring at the ground.

"Then what happened? Phin asked.

"Well..Like I said I don't remember much about it. But I do remember Slim and I both opening the doors to get out as we just rolled and were about to go off the cliff..well, I fell right out onto some dirt right at the hanger of the cliff..I think I did anyway I just remember looking over to see Slim still in the truck. The truck was falling..faster and faster then it just hit the ground. I don't even remember the explosion really..I mean, when I fell, I landed on my side and my head kinda hit up against the ground..I was pretty much blacked out."

Phin looked at Trip amazed at what he had just heard. "You fell out of a rolling truck and lived.." Phineus said somewhat confused.

"Yes. I know it's a tad far-fetched but that is what happened, honest." ... Phin examined Trip. Blood covered more then half of his torn clothes. Phineus' eye was on a large cut on Trip's forehead surrounded by a giant black and blue bump. "Then when I woke up..you guys were gone. It was morning..and when I stood up I almost fell off the steep ledge. Then I climbed what I could up onto the dirt trail from the ledge and followed your guys footsteps. When I ran into you in the woods I thought you were a ghost or something." Trip said.

"Yeah I thought you were a ghost too! I thought you were dead." Phin said softly.

"So what is your story? Why weren't you with the others? When we were walking to the cabin and saw Kingdave with his head blown off..we didn't have too much conversation.." Trip said.

Phineus rubbed his throat with his hand and began to speak, "Well, Kingdave, CGZ, and I were walking towards the cabin and I bent down to pick up what I thought was a piece of gold. Turned out to be just another rock. I think I was hallucinating from the lack of food." Trip laughed. "Yeah well it wasn't so funny then," Phineus said.

"I just caught a couple fish along the way. There was this river right by where you were walking and it had so many fish you cou.."

"I know I seen it." Phineus said interrupting Trip's sentence.

"Anyways, what happened next?" Trip said.

"Well, when I went down to pick up the 'gold' I felt someone kick or hit me in the throat or something. It hurt more then anything I have ever felt in my life! I couldn't breathe..CGZ and Kingdave were saying something to me but I couldn't understand them. They stood above me then I just blacked out." I'm not sure how long I was out for but when I woke up, I just followed the way I was going to the cabin before and I ran into you."

"You were going the wrong way anyways.." Trip said.

"Haha I know. So, what do we do now? Our friends are dead, our trucks are gone, I am wanted for murdering this X loser guy that I didn't even know about. Face it Trip, when we get back..if we get back..The police are gonna think we did all this. You think they're gonna believe everything that has happened? Hell, only god knows what kinda story the cops will make up out of all this." Phineus said nervously.

"I know..I still can't believe all this has happened. I don't think it has hit me yet that we are wanted by the police! Phin our lives are over unless we get the hell out of here," Trip said.

"Well first of all, it is me who is wanted by the police and we CAN get out of here! I mean just look at all this gold! Trip, you and I, we are millionaires, hell maybe even billionaires! We will never need to worry about anything in the world..ever again." Phin said with a little excitement in his voice.

Trip looked up at the sky. "Well, that all sounds good and great but how are we supposed to get all this gold down the mountain? And do you know any gold deposits in town because I sure as hell don't. If, and when we get back to town..how do you suppose we cash in all this gold without somebody calling the cops thinking this **** is stolen?"

"I don't know Trip!" Phineus said. "But I do know we are gonna get out of here alive you and me!" Phin said shaking Trip's hand.

Trip sat down on a torn rug by the porch. Phineus sat down across from him. Trip began to speak. "I have only one question for you, what do you wanna do, we are not in the easiest situation here." Trip said staring at Phineus.

"Well, the only thing I can think of is that we.."

Phineus's sentence was cut off by a sound. A sound that both of the men recognized. That was the sound of a helicopter. Trip stared at Phin in shock as he jumped to his feet and looked all around throughout the sky. Thoughts of the police raced through both of the men's minds as they were back to back staring into the sky. The sound was getting closer, louder.

The two men were getting nervous. "Oh my god..oh my god.." Trip spoke nervously shaking as he stared wide-eyed into the sky looking for anything that resembled a police helicopter.."Phineus it was great knowing you, and maybe I will see you again, but jail is a nasty place to be, and I am not gonna take it. I can't take it."

"But Trip we did nothing wrong!" Phineus screamed as the loud sound of the helicopter drowned out Phin's voice. Trip looked at Phineus, shook his hand, then turned around and began to run into the nearby forest in where he thought he would be safe. The helicopter's sound rang straight through Phin's ears. It was so loud now, and he was so shocked he could see no Helicopter of any sort anywhere. Phineus watched Trip run toward the forest without looking back. Phineus watched Trip run down through a mass of large pine trees toward the river. Phineus then watched a number of men grab Trip, and throw him to the ground behind those same pine trees.

Phineus stood in shock as he heard the very last words in the world he would ever want to hear at that moment in time. "This is the Police Department. Drop your weapons and come out! We have you surrounded!"

Continued In Volume XI

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Trip Posted 08-04-2001 04:53 AM

It is now 1:13 AM. Well, here it is the very last Volume in "The Search For Max Air's Cabin". I hope you all had as much fun reading this as I did writing it. I know the story was kind of short and I have been kind of lazy writing it..But I will write other stories, I am already done with the first three chapters on my next story..and that one is going to be real long. Plus new volumes will be updated much faster, that's a promise! I just wish some of you guys would have given me at least one idea or suggestion that way I didn't have to do this whole thing by myself but luckily Phin did a chapter for me. I had a ending all planned out for this story but, like I said, I just make it up as I go along so this is what I came up with without going into too much detail I hope you guys enjoy it. So here it is one last time, Volume XI

On The Search For Max Air's Cabin By Trip
Volume XI - False Accusations
February 11, 1974

Phineus froze in fear as a black helicopter hovered above him. He stared into the sky for what seemed like an eternity before a large number of men in camouflage outfits and gear dropped from the helicopter by ladder. Two of the men grabbed Phineus and threw him to the ground and handcuffed him. They shouted at him and kept talking, but Phineus couldn't understand them. His mind was lost. His deep concentration was broken by one of the men grabbing him by both arms and literally throwing him to his feet. He spun him around and started screaming, only then he could make out what the man was saying. "Where are the others!? What did you do with them!?" The man shouted. Phineus opened his mouth to answer but no sound came out. He knew that no matter what he said, all the evidence fell on Him and Trip. Their lives were over. The thoughts raced through his mind faster then a bullet. Everything that was going on around him..he couldn't comprehend. He looked over to see Trip being shoved towards the helicopter in hand cuffs. At that moment, the man that was shouting at Phineus earlier grabbed his arm and motioned him towards the Chopper. Both men knew they were going somewhere, and they had a great feeling that "somewhere" was prison. No quicker then a glance at one another was all it took to realize that everything they had worked for, everything they had done, the people they loved, and their most valued possessions, it was all over...everything.

The two men sat in the helicopter, both in hand cuffs as it took off. Trip paid no attention to where it was going, The only thing on his mind is how long he would have to stay there. Besides the sounds of the helicopters blades cutting through the air like a knife to flesh, all was silent. The two men stared at the ground while the Officers whispered amongst themselves. No less than thirty minutes later they landed. Trip looked outside the helicopter's small window to see what seemed to be the top of a building.

The Chopper's doors slid open and the two men were hurried out by the officers. They were definitely on the top of a building. It was getting dark, they could see the many lights of the living city. A door opened on the top of the building leading down a stairway. One of the officers holding a leash with a K-9 at the end of it moved his hand as if to motion us towards the door. As the officers and us walked nearer to the door the K-9 let out a growl and barked ferociously at Phin and Trip. They hurried down the narrow stairs leading to a hallway with multiple doors on each side and many people walking around. Trip knew where they were. A police station!

The two men were led to a room. The room was mostly white, except a large "mirror" covered almost one of the entire walls. A long table sat in the middle of the room. Seven chairs surrounded it. Trip sat on the chair facing away from the "mirror" Phineus sat on the chair right across from him. They both waited in the room for several minutes with a police officer standing at the door until finally a little bald man in his late 30's/early 40's walked in. He was short, a little on the heavy side. A large mustache covered his face. "Well, what have we got here?" The man spoke loudly. "You see boys, we found a couple dead bodies and some totaled trucks up on that mountain. Would you mind explaining to me how this all happened? Trip and Phineus looked at each other knowing nobody would believe them, even if they did tell the truth. "Oh so we are gonna keep quiet are we?" The man spoke. He picked up a folder on the table and opened it pulling out and skimming through some papers. "Well we got one hanging, one brutally murdered with a gun shot to the head..oh excuse me TWO gun shot to the head victims. And we found another body in a vehicle wreckage..well what looked like a body anyway. We also have reports of another person that went up on that mountain with you two and he never came back, his body has not been found yet however. But I am sure it is up there." The man scratched his mustache then spoke again. "You know, boys, if you keep quiet this is just going to make this situation that much easier. Just answer me this, why did you kill them? We found the gold. Which is now being held for evidence. That is one hell of a find though. You know how much that was? It was damn near one billion dollars can you believe that? So speak up guys..tell me your story." The man said as he pulled out a chair and sat down, prepared to listen. Silence filled the room. The man tapped his fingers on the desk.

"We didn't kill them." Trip said.

"Oh yeah, well then why don't you explain the story to me? I would LOVE to hear it. You both do realize you were on government property up there right?"

"It all started out when we wanted to find this cabin.." Trip said. "We packed up our trucks and went to look for it. One thing went wrong, then another. Then another, then another. The trucks died and so did half our friends. So then we come to find out it was CGZ customs the whole time, he was going to kill us all for that damn money." Trip said slowly.

"Interesting story because you see, your fingerprints were on the revolver we found, along with a baseball bat used to strike CGZ in the head multiple times. And yet this man managed to kill all your friends with gun shot wounds and after being beaten down with a bat? Amazing!" The man said sarcastically.

"No I admit it! I killed CGZ that little **** got what was coming to him.." Trip shouted out.

"Ok, I have heard enough!" The short man shouted angrily. "You don't wanna tell me the truth? fine! Let's just see how well you two do in a cell for the night then we will see if I can get any honest answers!" The man yelled as he stood up and walked out the door.

"I told you! They aren't gonna believe us. Why even bother?" Phineus spoke in a low voice.

"Okay, enough of the chitter chatter. Let's go," one of the police officers said, taking Trip and Phineus to another room.

Both men spent the next night in Jail. They were transported to different prisons. Their trial was held on March 3rd, 1974, where both men were tried, and convicted of first degree murder. They were both sentenced to life in jail without parole. They spent the next four months in separate prisons. When they went back to court to see if they would be convicted for the other cases, amongst other things, the judge found both men guilty on all charges once again, and this time gave the two men the death penalty.

Trip got involved in a prison gang, and was fatally stabbed in the fall of 88' The local police say it had something to do with the gang thinking Trip was a snitch, but they were never really sure. Nobody is really. Phineus is still alive till' this day. The Death Penalty is supposed to carry out later this year. Logical's body was never found, and the case is still unexplained.

Rumors of the Cabin Ghosts were just one of many stories that filled up the small local town in which the incident took place all those years ago. Sure, every Spring Break and Halloween the kids drive up to the mountain on the now-paved road to try and find the lost souls of those who had been murdered on that very mountain. People say they can still hear the men, and reports of ghost sightings are more than frequent on that mountain. Just last year a local college guy and his two friends found a rotted chassis of a truck dug into the ground which looked to have been once a river bed. Since the massacre of 74' (Or so the town's people called it), seven people have gone missing on that mountain and have yet to return or be found. The local authorities have closed down all the roads leading up the mountain for the time being...

"Hello this is Debbie Kristenson from Channel 7 News, Live with a breaking story! Yet another ghost sighting has occurred, this time however more then one person saw this happening. Here we have one of the local men who saw what he said to appear as a "Cowboy Ghost."

"Yeah man it was some freaky **** I'll tell you that much he just walked down du' hill right ova' there and just looked at us and laughed. Cept' dis' time he wasn't alone. Oh hell no, he had some of his ghost friends wit' him! There was about five or six of em! I juss' bout ****ed my pants I tell you that. I told my old lady to go get the camera but when her lazy *** finally got it the cowboy **** was gone! These ghosts are real damnit and they are here to stay! These aren't any children's tales anymore. I seen it with my own two eyes!"

"Well, there you have it, folks. Yet another mysterious and yet strange ghost sighting in our town. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available. A large hoax or some real ghosts? you decide! This is Debbie Kristenson signing off."

The End.

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