4x4 Patch 2 (1306k)Many game fixes.
GeForce3 Upgrade (link)Use only if you have a GeForce3 graphics card.
Track Editor (1423k)Start building them tracks! Needs the patch to work.
Podview (22k)Extract pod files.
4x4evo model converter (80k)Converts 3DS files to SMF. You may also download it here. Or see here for more details.
RawAct.8bi (6k)Photoshop plugin to open RAW & ACT files.
FlyRawGui (71k)Convert RAW and ACT files to BMP and convert them back again. Excellent if you're using PSP.
WinPod (383k)Originally designed for mtm1/2, but will work for creating 4x4 pod files. Just unzip to the 4x4 folder and run. Please see here and here for additional information on using it.
Podini (319k)Used to edit the pod.ini file. Very popular, by Wind Force.  It may need Vbrun300.dll (238). Just unzip to the 4x4 folder and double click.
Texture TemplatesMake seamless custom textures (link)
Slice 60Cuts custom textures for track making (link)
ViceVersa (Free)Useful to help decrease file sizes. Homepage. How to use it.
EndItAll v1.0Terminate all non-essential programs (link to ZDnet)
Smurf (881k)SMF file utility
PodTool (379k)Like winpod but with long file name as well as drag and drop support. Sporadic home page.
Replacement Pod (4267k)Allows you to have over 100 custom trucks in the game.
Evo2 EditorMake tracks, trucks and models for evo2.