Top 17 Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift cards are a great way to kick-start your shopping spree yet without hurting your pocket. You can use these cards to buy stuff for yourself or else present these to friends or family members as a gift. And with the holiday season just round the corner, Amazon gift cards are more than essential currently. Bustling with more than 80 brands, Amazon is the hub of almost anything and everything one would like to shop. If you are in a dilemma on what to shop for your loved ones this Christmas, gift them the Amazon gift cards so that they can shop whatever they wish to.

But, what if you don’t have to buy the Amazon gift card? Is that really possible? Yes, the good news is you can actually get Amazon gift cards for FREE. Much to your joy, the post below has jotted down 17 smart hacks to get free Amazon gift cards.

  1. Free Amazon gift card code generator

Do you know you can actually generate Amazon gift cards and that too for free? Yes, there are Amazon gift card code generators today that allow gift card generation. In most of the cases, you will have to download these generators in your system and then generate the gift card codes. After you generate the codes, you can redeem them on Amazon website for gift cards. These generators offer the gift in versatile range of values or denominations, ranging from $10 to $100.

How does this generator work?

You must be wondering about the mechanism of the Amazon free gift card code generators. Well, before delving further, you should know that Amazon database is bustling with umpteen numbers of gift card codes. The work of a generator is that of a crawler. When you ask it to generate free gift card codes for you, it crawls into the Amazon database and scrape out the required code for you. As you get the code, you will simply have to redeem it on Amazon website to enjoy the gift card.

Steps to redeem Amazon gift card code

  • Go to your email and look for the generated code
  • Then, open up the Amazon app in your system
  • Look for the Menu tab and go to Settings
  • Click on Settings to find the specific section for Gift Cards
  • As you open the section, you will find a specific place to put the gift code
  • Enter the code
  • Look for the “Redeem” tab and click on it

Tips to choose a free Amazon gift card code generator

The web world today is flocked by a series of free Amazon gift card code generators. While that’s good news, you should also know that all the generators out there are not completely reliable. But no worries, here are some tips that will enable you to choose a credible free Amazon gift card code generator.

  • Get comparative survey

First, you will have to take a comparative survey on at least 4-5 free Amazon gift card code generators around. Don’t just settle with the first name you stumble upon online. You have to check the market reputation and user reviews of each one of them. The one you take to should be a highly reputed name in the market and backed by happy users. The best ones usually mention about their number of users to prove their worth.

  • 100% transparent

Make sure the chosen free Amazon gift card code generator is completely transparent in its operations and 100% free. A reliable generator will always declare 100% transparency in its operations.

  • Verified codes only

You will know you are dealing with a trusted Amazon free gift card code generator if the generator assures thorough verification of each before passing it to the user. The best ones are extremely particular about verification to ensure users only get codes that actually work.

  • Unlimited code generation

The best Amazon gift card code generators generally assure seamless code generation. It means you will be able to generate as many as you want and whenever you want. However, you should also check the denominations available for codes to be generated. Some generators keep codes starting from $25. But what if you need a $10 gift card? You may not need to shell out $25 every time. So check beforehand your chosen generator carries codes in affordable denominations as well as higher denominations.

  • All-device compatibility

This is one of the major points to check while choosing a free Amazon gift card code generator. The generator you are taking to should be compatible with all major devices. This way, you won’t have to stay restricted to just one particular device or operating system for code generation.

  • No additional tasks

There are some free Amazon gift card code generators that make the user perform some tasks to get the free codes. But the best ones are not like that. A trusted 100% free Amazon gift card code generator is always true to its words and won’t make you do any additional task. So, if your chosen generator demands you to do some tasks like completion of surveys and so- look for another option.

  • Safety from virus threats

It’s to stress here some generators are scammers in camouflage who are looking to hack your details. When you sign up with them, they send virus and malware to your system to steal your data. But then, not all generators are like that. A reliable free Amazon gift card code generator is always very particular about solid protection from virus or malware threats. You can trust a generator if it allows you complete scanning of the generator tool before you download it in your system. So, if your chosen generator is not flexible with scanning for virus check, it’s not credible enough. You should look elsewhere.

  • No frequent human verification checks

It’s really frustrating to get checked for human verification every now and then whenever you have to generate free Amazon gift card code. Some generators do force users for constant human verifications that ruins the whole experience altogether. However, not all generators are like that. So, you have to look for a free Amazon gift card code generator that does not poke you for constant human verification checks.

  • User friendly

Amazon is one of the most frequented sites for online shopping. No wonder, you will need Amazon gift cards often which means you have to use the free code generator frequently. Thus, it’s better to look for a generator which comes with a user-friendly interface. This way, you can access the generator whenever you want to conveniently.

  1. Through online surveys

This is surely the most popular way to earn Amazon gift cards. There are scores and scores of sites online that carry surveys and offer reward points when you participate in the surveys. You can then redeem the reward points for Amazon gift vouchers. Just make sure to choose a legit site to avoid security issues. Also, look for sites that are constantly offering surveys to boost your sum of reward points- and consequently the sum on Amazon gift card.

These surveys are fun and easy. So, almost anybody can take part in them. Besi8des, as they are available online, you can check them from the comfort of your home only.

  1. By giving your valuable opinion

Do you know there are some sites that are ready to offer Amazon gift cards when you provide them your valuable opinion? Yes, it’s this easy. These sites will ask for your opinion about current events, movies or brands to check their market viability. All you have to do is to study them properly and offer your thoughts. When you will submit your opinion to those sites, they will offer you points which you can redeem for Amazon gift cards. The best sites are even ready to give new members welcome bonus points which may amount to around 2,000 points. You will get a $50 Amazon gift card if you can accumulate around 5,000 points.

  1. Free lottery playing apps

Lottery is a gamble and there is no certainty on the prizes. It’s a major reason why a lot of people refrain from trying their luck on lottery. But what if you get a lottery that will enable you to pay for free and offers the possibility of winning Amazon gift cards? Sounds utopian? Well, there are apps in reality that allow users to play scratch cards free of cost. And one of the most popular prizes they offer on winning is Amazon gift card. Now, it’s true that none of these apps can guarantee you a win. But still, you don’t have to spend your money here so you have got nothing to lose. In the worst case scenario, you may not win anything. But in 3-4 turns, you may get a chance to hit the jackpot and win Amazon gift cards completely free of cost. And each game here takes no more than couple of minutes to complete. So, that’s a great way to utilize your mini-breaks.

  1. Through reward points for checking videos

This is another easy way to earn Amazon gift cards. There are some sites which offer reward points when you check videos for them. The videos here can range from movie trailers to TV commercials to other forms of short videos. Now, that’s a pretty interesting job! If you are a movie buff, you will surely love to catch the trailer of upcoming movies. And when you are guaranteed to receive reward points for doing a thing you love, it becomes even more special. As you get reward points, you can redeem them for Amazon gift vouchers.

  1. Reward points earned during commercial breaks

Do you get yourself busy during commercial breaks? Well, from now on, it will be better if you don’t move your eyes from the screen when there is a break. It will pay and handsomely. Basically, there are some apps that are ready to give viewers reward points when they answer questions during commercial breaks. You will simply have to watch your favorite series with these apps. Apart from answering questions, these apps will offer you reward points when you will play games on them as well. After you receive your perk points, you may redeem them for Amazon gift vouchers.

  1. Use Bing

It’s true that Google is your go-to resource whenever you have to search anything online. But try to use Bing as well occasionally. In fact, you can earn cool Microsoft reward points if you make Bing the default search panel. On one hand, Bing is a fantastic search engine. On another hand, Microsoft is ready to offer you 5 points with every search you make on Bing. If you can accumulate up to 5,000 points, you can redeem them for a $5 gift card.

For extra points, you can participate in daily quizzes and  offers. If you don’t want to have Bing as your default engine forever, get it for the holiday season at least. It will be a smart way to offset the costs on your holiday shopping.

  1. Through game testing

This is another cool way to earn reward points for Amazon gift vouchers. There are some online platforms that offer you reward points for game testing. Isn’t that simply cool? If you are an avid gamer who is looking to buy something nice in games, you can get your free Amazon gift card by doing a thing that you will actually love. The sum of reward points will enhance as you start using these app platforms more and more over time.

  1. By unlocking phone screen

Would you believe if we tell you that you can earn Amazon gift vouchers for free by simply unlocking the phone screen? Maybe not. But this is actually true. You can actually earn Amazon gift voucher completely free of cost just by unlocking your smartphone screen.

There are some web platforms that take smartphone’s lock screen on rent. When you will give them your lock screen on rent to them, they will send you ads everytime you will unlock the phone. You will get reward points if you watch these ads. But these portals will also offer you reward points even if you don’t check the ads. You will simply have to unlock the smartphone. So, it’s a complete win-win for you.

You can redeem these reward points for Amazon gift cards.

  1. Through micro-tasks for online sites

There are some sites that are ready to offer you reward points for completing some micro-tasks for them. Don’t worry, these are often something very easy to do and you won’t need any kind of special skill for that. As part of your assignment, you may have to play games or test products or make web searches or participate in surveys.

  1. By selling items on Amazon

You will be able to earn Amazon gift cards if you sell your unwanted stuff on Amazon. The retail giant has come up with the concept of “Trade-in Store” which enables Amazon members to sell off their unwanted items on Amazon. You will get reward point each time you will sell any of your stuff on Amazon which you can redeem for gift cards.

So, what are the items that Amazon is ready to buy back?

  • Books
  • Kindle E-readers
  • Gaming platforms & video games
  • smart watches
  • tablets
  • wireless devices
  • music
  • DVDs

Now, there is a common misconception that the Amazon’s Trade-in concept only accepts items that you buy from the retail honcho. However, it’s not true. You can easily sell items that you haven’t bought from Amazon as well and earn reward points from Amazon.


  1. Amazon coupons


If you shop from Amazon often, you will be well aware of the discount coupons offered by the site. These codes are mostly valid for immediate purchases. But still, Amazon also offers Amazon gift vouchers for free. You are more likely to get free gift cards from Amazon if you especially shop in any of these 3 categories- Beauty, Health and Grocery.

However, it’s to note here Amazon only offers free gift cards on some specific items, say some video game.


  1. Be Amazon affiliate

Do you own a product blog or website? Would you be able to promote Amazon products right on your web portal? Well, then, you are in for luck. Sign up to be Amazon affiliate and earn Amazon gift vouchers as payments. Amazon has its own popular affiliate program which is called “Amazon Associates”. If you are ready to be an Amazon affiliate, all you have to do is sign up with Amazon Associates program. As you will start promoting Amazon products, you will be receiving commissions from Amazon each month. If you want, the retail giant will pay your commission in the form of gift card.

  1. Amazon Mturk

Another easy way to get free Amazon gift card through Amazon is the retail honcho’s Mturk program. If you join the program, you will be asked to do some tasks. Don’t worry, these are very minor tasks such as data entry, web research or surveys. You will be get paid through Amazon gift vouchers every month.

  1. Mystery shopping

Have you ever taken part in a mystery shopping? If not, take part now. The good news is there are sites that extend reward points for mystery shopping online. At times, you may have to do surveys as well or play games to boost your points. These points can be redeemed for Amazon gift vouchers.


  1. Count on credit card

Are you particular with your card payments every month? Well, then, you can be dubbed as a smart credit card user who knows how to handle credit cards judiciously. And, smart credit card usage can get you Amazon gift cards for free.

Yes, you will be able to earn reward point each time you will use credit card for shopping. For example, you will earn something like 3 points for each dollar you will spend right on Amazon. So, if you are planning to buy something expensive, just imagine how many points you will be accumulating! Then, you will also get reward points for using credit card at drug stores, restaurants, gas station and so on. If you can manage to accumulate around 2,500 points, you can redeem them for an Amazon gift voucher worth $25.

If you are about to take a new credit card, check out its reward section before the final settlement. Every credit card offers some kind of rewards to its customers. Some of them extend Amazon gift card as a reward. So, check beforehand, whether or not your chosen credit card is flexible to offer Amazon gift voucher as a reward.

  1. Sell unwanted items

Do you have some unwanted items that you wish to sell off? Well, before you sell them off randomly you should know there is an app that offers you reward points for selling items on it. You will be able to redeem your reward points for Amazon gift vouchers at simply no cost. Moreover, the app offers reward points not only for selling on it. But you will also earn points if you link up your social networking account with the site. There are other two additional ways to earn reward points for Amazon cards from the app. One is through interaction with other members on the app. Another is through friend referrals. The app will send you reward points if your friend signs up with the app on your reference.

Among all the hacks mentioned above, it seems the free Amazon gift card generator is the best option when you are looking free Amazon gift cards. No other hacks except a free generator can assure unlimited and anytime free code generation.

If you are planning to collect free Amazon gift cards for the holiday season, start now. This way, you can use the gift card for something you would love to use or flaunt on Christmas.